Datalink - For SplashDrone 3+

€ 119,00

Use the Datalink, for programming autonomous flights with your SplashDrone 3+I:

  • The Ground Station establishes a link between your SplashDrone 3+ and the SwellPro Fly app for your mobile phone

  • The Ground Station communicates with your drone through a radio link at 433 MHz or 915 MHz, and with your mobile device through a Bluetooth connection

  • Connection set up? Use the app to program autonomous flights for your drone!

Fly autonomously

Add the Ground Station and your mobile phone or GPS-enabled tablet can take control of the SplashDrone 3+ with your fingertips! The Swellpro FLY APP enables several smart flight modes, which drastically reduces manual input from the pilot, making flying the SplashDrone 3+ even easier.

Follow me

The SplashDrone 3+ will constantly follow and turn towards you as you move at a max speed of 20km/hour, recording awesome selfies.

Mission Planning

Tap to select waypoints on a map and the SplashDrone 3+ will execute the mission on command.

Circling Flight 

Select a circling radius and the number of orbits to capture the perfect video with your chosen subject always in the middle of the frame. 

Tap to Fly

Tap on the map where you want your drone to go and SplashDrone 3+ will navigate to the destination and hover.

Lost Drone Location Beacon

If you inadvertently lose or crash your drone out of sight, you will instantly have the drone's location pinpointed on the APP's map, even with low batteries. (Groundstation module required).