Payload Release System PL2 with Camera for SplashDrone 3+

€ 169,00

Payload Release System PL2 combines a Payload Relase System with a camera - So you'll know exactly what youre' doing!


As you can seen in the images, the camera is connected through an axis, but without a controller or actuator: You can tilt the camera manually before take-off, but not during flight. If you do need the possibility to tilt the camera during flight, check out the PL3!


Compatible with SplashDrone 3 and SplashDrone 3+


Waterproof Level: IP67
Size: 150X65X43mm
Weight: 175g
Voltage: 4.8V~6.0V
Image Sensor:  1/3” CMOS
Pixels: 720*576(PAL) 720*487(NTSC)
Video Stream Resolution: 800TVL(720p)
FOV: 120°