SplashDrone 3+ - Waterproof Floating Professional Drone

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Artikelnummer: SWPRO0003

The SwellPro SplashDrone 3+ is the top-of-the line versatile waterproof & floating drone. For the uncompromizing professional, or the enthusiast who wants it all. With full customization options.


Imagine yourself...

  • Selling real-estate or yachts, and present yaw-dropping videos to your customers
  • Being a professional blogger - Talk and walk while your drone is filming you
  • Have the payload release system drop fish food near your winning fishing spot


Successor to the SplashDrone 3

The SplashDrone 3+ is the successor to the SplashDrone 3. All accesories for the SplashDrone 3 are compatible with the SplashDrone 3+.


SplashDrone 3+ at a glance

  • Modular: Extend your drone with the accessories that you need for your next mission
  • Accesorises include various cameras and payload release systems
  • 25 minutes of fly time
  • Waterproof & floating
  • Fresh water, sea water, rain or snow - No problem
  • Including a lightweight carry case
  • Without default camera - Various cameras available as accessories
  • Fly manually or in various follow-me and GPS mode
  • Return-to-me - Very useful when you're on the move
  • Up to 65 km/h
  • Works with the SwellPro Virtual Reality Goggles.

Because of the accessories

Why choose the SwellPro SplashDrone 3+ over the SwellPro Spry+?

For most people, it's because of the accessories - Including various cameras and payload release systems.

See our SplashDrone 3+ shop for all accessories

Cruise Mode for smooth filming

Switch the SplashDrone 3+ to Cruise Mode, and move sideways with just one joystick - Excellent for filming while flying around large objects

Follow me, please!

The SplashDrone 3+ offers various options for autonomous flight (some of which require the GroundStation accessory).

One of these is the Follow Me Mode, where your SplashDrone 3+ follows you.


Great for blog writers, or for some serious selfies

Mission Planning

One of the autonomous flight modes of the SplashDrone 3+, is Mission Planning: Select waypoints on a map (this requires the GroundStation accessory) and have your SplashDrone 3+ follow that route

Circling Flight

Selling real-estate propery, boats or something else that is big?

You will love the Circling Flight Mode, and make videos that people will fall in love with


Other autonomous flight modes include:

  • Return Home Mode - Also in case of lost signal 
  • Low Battery Auto Landing
  • Drone Location Beacon - Follow your drone with the app (requires GroundStation accessory)
  • Return-to-Me Mode - Handy if you're on the move, like on a boat

Now you're playing with power


  • The remote control is as waterproof as the SplashDrone 3+ Drone - We've got you covered
  • Including controls for all accesories - One remote control to rule them all


Use the joysticks for general directions, and the finetune knobs (the round controls left and right at the bottom) for precise movement

SwellPro SplashDrone 3+ Drone - Specifications

Don't use your SplashDrone 3+ for getting trees! But if you accidentially did so, you can easily replace damaged propellors

Waterproof Level: Surface Buoyant (short periods up to 600mm deep)
Drone Weight:  1447g (without battery)
Axis Diameter: 450mm
Max Ascend Speed:  4m/s
Max Descend Speed:  3m/s
Max Flight Speed: 20m/s (ATTI mode)
Max Flight Altitude: 200m (GPS) / 1.3km (ATTI)
Max Flying Wind Speeds:  a. Typical Maximum = 8m/s (11-16knots)(F4) b. Typical Gusts = 12m/s (22-27Knots) (F6) Peak
Hovering Precision:  ±0.5meter
Max Flight Time (per charge): 20 ~ 23 minutes
Max Flight Range: 1.6km
Max Flight Weight:  3KG
Max Payload Capacity: 1KG
Positioning Satellite:  Dual Satellites - GPS/GLONSS
Flight Controller:  Swellpro S3
Motor: #3510/620KV
ESC:  40A
Propellers: #1242 carbon fiber quick-fit propellers
Working Temperature: -10℃ ~ 40℃
Battery Types:  4S 15.2V 5200mAh LiHV battery
Battery Weights: 561g (5200mAh LiHV)
Charging Time: 90 minutes

SplashDrone 3+ Remote Controller - Specifications

Weight:  660g
Frequency:  2405 ~ 2475HMZ
Range:  1.6km (unobstructed, free of interference)
Receiver Sensitivity(1%PER):  -105dbm
Working Current:  160-300mAh
No. of Channels:  10
Battery: 2S 7.4V 1800mAh lipo battery

Not only does the SplashDrone 3+ float, it floats the right way: It is self-righting

SplashDrone 3+ Video Transmission - Specifications

Frequency: 5645 ~ 5965HMZ
No. of Channels: 40CH
Range: 1.6km Max
Power: 200~600mW
Screen Size: 5inch
Screen Resolution: 800X480Pixels
Screen Brightness: 500 cd/m2