EN-01 Geneinno Titan

€ 2.750,00

The world's first underwater drone with a robot arm and 4K camera quality. Move smoothly through the water and take the control with your smartphone or tablet.


Thanks to built-in LED lighting, it is possible to conduct soil investigations with sufficient light and quality.


The drone works by means of a wire connection, which is available in lengths of 100 or 150 meters. By means of A hub, to which the underwater drone is connected, can establish a wireless connection with the tablet or smartphone for the control and image transfer of the drone.


By using the robot arm you can order the drone to remove small objects out of the water (maximum 500gr.). This operation works from the tablet or smartphone and is optional.

A beautiful machine that can be used for both the professional and hobbyist. 



Application areas:

Maritime - for surveying the underwater hull and / or propeller of a boat.

Research - researching nature and waterworks. 

Construction and installation works - checking construction elements and cabling.


Weight                                    4.4kg

Dimensions                          390×347×165mm

Max. depth                           150m

Max. speed                            2m/s

Max. angle                             60°


LEDs                                           2x 1500LM

Interal storage                     32GB

Operation temperature  -40℃ - 32°C

Camera resolution            -4K:3840x2160 30p

                                                     -FHD:1920:1080 30p


Battery                                    Lithium polymer

Capacity                                 Drone:9000mAh; Wireless station:3200mAh

Full battery use                  4-8 hr

Charging time                    Drone: 3 uur; Wireless station: 2hr



Research the sea bottom and take some samples!