EN-01 S2 Sea scooter

€ 499,00
Artikelnummer: GEN00002

The S2 underwater scooter is now available! As a successor to the S1 it is even more elegant and does have a few new features with regard to safety and durability. Thanks to its compact size it’s easy to take it with you to any desired location. As a parent you can manage this child-friendly underwater scooter through the Geneinno app!


The drone has a standard 220V charger that is connected to the drone by means of a magnetic closure. So no open connections or sealing caps. On top of the drone is the LED indicator for the battery.


On the front is a mounting bracket for placing your GoPro.


A beautiful machine that can be used both professionally and for fun.


Weight                                      2,7kg

Dimensions                           48,3cm x 25,4cm

Max. speed                            4.3 km/u

Operation temp.               -40℃ - 32°C

Max. Depth                           29m


Battery                                    Lithium polymer

Capacity                                 97.68Wh

Duration                                45 - 60 minutes

Charging time                    1.5 uur

Childsafe lock?                  Ja

Optional                                GoPro mountable

Connectivity                       From Bluetooth versie 4.0




Research the sea by yourself!

Take control with the Geneinno App!

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